Baby’s First Holiday! 🇬🇧

Little L is now 3 months old and has already been on two great holidays. However, I remember the stress I put myself under with big L and planning her first holiday! So here are some tips for first baby holidays with one or more children:

  1. Get the balance right – it is a holiday for everyone so write down two things each person wants/needs e.g babies need to sleep earlier at night, mum needs a massage.
  2. Don’t go too far – who knows how well they will travel and journeys can be stressful! Look at travel tips here
  3. Look for as much luxury as your budget allows – don’t underestimate the wonder of someone else cooking or cleaning.
  4. Take surprises – this especially helps if things are not exactly how you imagined it. At least you can control these good surprises.
  5. Divvy up the planning – or else you will do all of the packing, checking in, car-rental etc.
  6. Do some research – as a teacher we always check out the nearest hospital, doctor, chemist, toilet on route etc. before field trips.
  7. Take some medicine – for young and old.
  8. Take grandparents – they can give you an hour off and do not have to „live“ in the next room.
  9. Take some risks – follow your instinct. I knew I could travel to France with a one week old and did.
  10. Write your packing list as you go – my brain functions well under pressure but not without sleep! Keep a piece of paper on the fridge for a week before you go and write down all the important things you need during the day too. Keep the list for future trips.
  11. Talk about expectations – no phones? Less tv? Talking about what you all expect before you go could save an argument when you get there.

Relax! Babies love holidays because you love holidays.

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