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28. Oktober 2016

Best Beauty Stocking Filler – The Glov®

At €9,90 from DM, the Glov® is a wonderful little present to give to people who like to help mother nature a little in the way of make-up. Here are five reasons why this should be in every mum’s stocking this year:

The multi-award winning little Glov®

  1. It only needs water – This is great news when you are rushing through your make-up removal routine every night. No more make-up pads which have run out or a cream which your skin reacts to. The Glov® just needs some simple H2O from the tap.
  2. Hypo-Allergenic. I have rosacea and so my skin quite likes to react to anything and everything. It has not reacted to the Glov® at all. I didn’t think it would really clean my skin and expected some spots or rash after a couple of days, but it took off my foundation, blusher, eyeshadow and even mascara!

    Magic Explained
    Magic Explained
  3. Magic- It works like magic, who does’t want a bit of that every day? Ok, so maybe the tiny microfibers work with magnetic pull to remove the make-up, but still, this sounds like magic to me!
  4. It is very simple to use when you are traveling around. No more bottles or cotton pads, just your little Glov® and you’re good to go.
  5. It is really easy to care for. You simply wash the Glov® with soap once you are finished and hang it up to dry. Done.

As a special bonus, it lasts for up to two months! I love mine now and won’t be using anything else. I think all busy mums would be thankful for this little treat at Christmas. It comes in three sizes, with a larger version and a smaller one for…small faces? No, not really! The small size is to correct your make-up during the day. If you want to read more, you can visit them here.

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