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Here at Mama Chic, we want to tell you about products which we own and love and one of my biggest love affairs is always with my pram. With my first baby it was a Silver Cross sleepover when she was born and then a Bugaboo Cameleon when I needed something a bit more town and car friendly. I loved them both. In the time between our first two girls we got a little pug called Oscar. Obviously he needs daily walks and I knew this would become a part of our routine when I looked for a pram. We often walk him in the local woods and fields. We also moved back into town from an outlying village and so I can reach pretty much everything on foot.

Our main criteria looking for a pram:

  1. Suitable for all terrain but also shop friendly. I need to wheel Baby L over mud and stones but also maneuver through narrow aisles in the drugstore.
  2. Quality played a big role. I wanted something that would last lots of pushing around town but still look good and not be too heavy – we live up a steep hill.
  3. Comfort for baby – I wanted her to have lots of room in the pram part because she was due to be born in August and I didn’t want her to overheat! I also wanted the seat to be comfortable enough for her to sleep in if necessary.
  4. Style – One of the reasons I had two prams (and two buggies) with my first child is that I got bored. I like to be able to change the look of the pram.

While we looked, I liked the look of the Joolz Day, liked the durability and off-road abilities of the Mountain Buggy, the style of the Stokke and I also thought the Teutonia prams were durable. But none of them met the exact criteria I wanted. Sometimes the pram part was too small, or the fabrics were not well designed or the pram felt very shaky on our cobblestones. I tested these prams by borrowing them from friends! This is a really good way to see them in action and also get the insider knowledge after a few months. Most people love their prams but are also willing to share the pros and the cons with you if you ask nicely.



Why I chose the Bugaboo Buffalo. I’m actually going to start with the negatives here so you can see what I needed to weigh up:

  1. It is pretty big and heavy. It weighs 12.3 kg which plus baby takes me over 20 kg now on our steep push up the hill.
  2. It is not easy to fit into our small car boot. We have to take it apart and remove the wheels which takes a while and fills our boot up.
  3. It is expensive. You have to have good reasons to spend a grand on a pram which might not get much use after maternity leave is finished.
  4. You have the pram cot hanging around while you use the seat and vice-versa.
  5. The baby does not lie flat in the seat.

So those were the things I had to think about before investing, but now here are the reasons why I did:

  1. Big and heavy means that the Buffalo really can go „off road“ which most small and light prams cannot. The big wheels do not get clogged by leaves in Autumn and the baby is not getting jiggled about as much IMG_7023
  2. Since we did most things on foot during the first year I got a Moon Buggy and adapters for the Maxi Cosi and kept just the wheels of the buggy in the car. If we went to the supermarket or swimming pool by car I just popped her car seat onto the wheels for these short trips. The added bonus here is that the Buffalo frame is not getting scratched.
  3. I’m going to give you a huge confession here and say that I bought my Bugaboo Buffalo second hand! Since the lady found herself not using her bug when maternity leave was over she sold it to me. It was in great condition and meant that I could buy extra accessories to stave off pram boredom. You can find used Buffalos on Gumtree.
  4. Ok the carry cot hanging around is a pain in the behind, but when you take out the plastic rods it does fold down. Some people sell the carry cot or seat when they are not using it but I want to keep mine as the whole package.
  5. The baby does not lie flat in the seat, but she is so cuddled into her sport seat that she is comfortable as she is. IF she sleeps then I just tilt her back and she seems comfortable to me.

We have been using the Bugaboo Buffalo for nearly a year now and these are the three main plus points I also wanted to share from our test:

  1. Reliable anywhere, any weather. The big but easily maneuverable wheels, the larger carry cot and seat, the extending hoods, the sturdy design and the big basket mean that I never have to think twice about where we are going, the weather, or what we are taking with us, the Buffalo is reliable when I am out and about. We can fit jackets and a picnic easily under the carry cot or the seat, a bonus compared to the cameleon.

IMG_7036 IMG_7012 IMG_7039

  1. Stylish and changeable – I have three hoods. I love the fact that I can (and do) change the hoods with the seasons or with my mood. My current hood even matches my Viking running shoes, a pleasant coincidence! The butterflies are gorgeous, as are the poppies, and I always get positive feedback from people in town when we are out. I am also often asked when I got a new pram because the fabrics change the look!

Things to Consider:

  1. Obviously the cost. I can tell you though that buying a quality product means that you can also re-sell it for a good price and so in the long run you get a good return. Since mine is second hand I can also assure you that these prams last! Mine is now three years old and has had two children in it but the wheels still look like new.
  2. The rain cover can be tricky to attach, especially when you get caught in a sudden shower! The best thing is to practice with it at home so you know how to do it quickly. It took me a while, but I think I have it now.
  3. If you do not really intend to spend a lot of time outdoors or have to use your car a lot, then the lightweight cameleon might be better for you. The Buffalo is definitely for the outdoor types.

And that is it! I am happy with my decision and I hope we will be using our Buffalo for a long while to come yet. It is lovely to push and practical around town.

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