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1. Oktober 2016

Me Time in October – Can You Take Time for Yourself?

A few months ago I entered a competition where you had to write down your favorite „Me Time“ rituals to win some bath products. I just sat staring at the computer trying to think of something more inspiring than maybe my morning shower which, if I’m being honest, is not always alone. Sometimes a one-year-old […]

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12. Juli 2016

Diary Doll® Knickers – Tested 🇬🇧

You know you are living a glamorous life when you are interested by waterproof knickers! Seriously though, why not just admit to yourself that having kids takes a strain on your body like nobody’s business and any secret weapons and support you can get are a help. Come on in Diary Doll, knickers designed to […]

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16. Juni 2016

Gewinnspiel: owl be sweatin´® Sport-Haarbänder aus den USA 🇩🇪

Die amerikanische Firma owl be sweatin´ stellt wunderschöne Sporthaarbänder her, die sich auch super für nicht-sportliche Zwecke eignen. Sie sind rutschfest wegen des Samtstoffes auf der Rückseite und des verstellbaren Gummis. Es gibt sie in den unterschiedlichsten Designs und Breiten. Der Preis pro Stück beträgt 14$.

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6. Mai 2016

Why Weleda? 8 Reasons to Love the Cosmetic Label With a Conscience 🇬🇧

I have sensitive skin. It reacts to heat, cold, sunlight, snow, spicy food, stress and not enough sleep. So pretty much everyday it has something to moan (turn red) about. I had a cancerous mole removed two years ago and have had regular skincare check-ups since then (that alone deserves another post!). These are the […]

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