„The Beta Mum“ – Book Review

Best summer read? Best warning for Mummy Bloggers? Best insight into Alpha Mum behavior in London? Yes to all. If you read, follow or write for Mum Blogs then you need to get your hands on „The Beta Mum, Adventures in Alpha Land“ as soon as it comes out! The lovely Isabella who wrote the book asked me for my opinion as it gets released. Weiterlesen

The Highs and Lows of An Expat Mum

Moving to another country was so exciting and time consuming that I never thought far ahead enough to wonder whether it was the place I also wanted to raise my children. To be honest some of the things I couldn’t have foreseen anyway! Maybe you’re thinking about a similar move or have one behind you. Here are some of the bigger things I have reflected on lately about being a mum abroad


Talking to Children’s Author Steve Cole about Encouraging Young Readers and Writers and How to Defeat Chombies.

Steve Cole is a bundle of energy and watching him enthrall a group of year three and four children with his tales of aliens and vampire fruit, it is not surprising when they leave the “Authors Aloud” event bubbling with ideas. I met Steve afterwards and asked him for his thoughts about encouraging our young readers and writers at school and home. Weiterlesen

Es ist mal wieder so weit… die nächste Schuleinführung steht vor der Tür

Mit einem lachenden und einem weinenden Auge entlasse ich meine Tochter aus dem behüteten Kindergarten hinaus in die Schule. Ich muss schon zugeben: Es fällt mir sehr schwer. Schon vor zwei Jahren, als unser Sohn in die Schule kam habe ich meine Tränen zurückhalten müssen. Nun ist das nächste Kind groß genug um ins „Reich des Lernens“ aufgenommen zu werden. Doch bevor mir jetzt wieder die Tränchen über die Wange kullern hier meine Tipps für eure Mäuse, die dieses Jahr eingeschult werden. Weiterlesen