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12. Juli 2016

Diary Doll® Knickers – Tested 🇬🇧

You know you are living a glamorous life when you are interested by waterproof knickers! Seriously though, why not just admit to yourself that having kids takes a strain on your body like nobody’s business and any secret weapons and support you can get are a help. Come on in Diary Doll, knickers designed to help a girl out, quietly and efficiently.


I bought my first pair of Diary Doll® knickers at the Brit Mums Live event in London in June. I must admit that at the time I didn’t think I really needed these knickers, but they were intriguing and to be honest they were beautifully packed and sold! The knickers have a great soft feel, are not at all bulky and do not rustle or make give-away noises.

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The Test

I had to wait a few weeks to test them since I am lucky enough not to have pelvic floor issues. I waited for the first day of my period, since they are pretty heavy since baby number two. The knickers are advertised as being able to hold up to three teaspoons of extra liquid that might leak – but that you should use your usual sanitary protection if you are using them for period protection like I was. I have to admit ladies, the test could not have been harder for these knickers! I was working at a school summer camp with 18 children, so I was permanently on the move, dancing with them, playing basketball, picking stuff up off the floor and riding my bike to and from, as well as playing with my own children in the evening. Basically a well known brand of sanitary towel would have been proud of my movement.

Since this is my day job, I have had „spills“ from my usual protection and have soaked many a trouser and underwear in the past. At the end of my action-packed day, the knickers did have a few marks from where I had had a little leak from my sanitary protection but only on the inside since it did not soak through.


For the sake of honesty, I will inform you that I was wearing Always Ultra sanitary towels which I changed three times during the day to make sure I was suitably covered. They are wonderful and normally pretty reliable, but I have had leaks in the past. The leaks must have come from my extreme movement where the sanitary towel did not move entirely with me, or my knickers were not wide enough to cover me. Thankfully the Diary Doll gusset is extra wide and fits better than my normal knickers. My trousers were saved. I washed the knickers in a 30 degree wash after soaking them first in cold water (best way to get blood out) and they are good as new.

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Created by Carol Smillie and Annabel Croft

The knickers held up to the challenge and I forgot I was wearing them. They are very comfortable, stretchy and a good mix of comfort and cute. I find the design I bought cute, but maybe some future designs will be a bit more glamorous. The Diary Doll knickers were originally designed for teenage girls so that they felt more protected during their period and would not have the horror of leaking at school.

My Opinion

I had to email a few times with the lovely Diary Doll ladies to understand exactly when they are best used in your period and how many pairs of knickers I would need. They were so lovely and quick at replying. They explained to me that I would probably not need the 5 pairs I was calculating with, which at 15 pounds a pair would be quite an outlay, because normally not all five days of your period are so heavy. True! So I think I would need two, maximum three pairs, so another 30 pounds which is manageable.

I think I am lucky enough to say I do not need Diary Doll protection, but to be honest now that I know about them I can say that I want their protection. I want to be able to forget about having my period and not worry about leaks coming through to my trousers even when sitting on the floor, playing with the children.

For some of you ladies, I think these knickers would also be of huge benefit if you do have worries about your pelvic floor and bladder post kids but want to wear normal underwear and not always disposable protection. This is the main reason that I am testing and posting about something so personal. I know a few friends who can no longer jump on the trampoline with their kids! This may not be your life aim, but maybe feeling confident where-and whenever might be and these knickers are there for you.

Find out more on the Diary Doll® website.

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