Center Parcs Eden VIP Test 🇬🇧

Center Parcs is great for families.
Center Parcs is great for families.

Ready for the first holiday? I followed the tips for my baby’s first holiday here and found Center Parcs Bispinger Heide here in Germany. Here are the top 5 Highlights:

  1. Not too far. We drove four hours in total with one stop at a service station to eat/play/walk.
  2. Quiet house, busy Market Dome! We wanted relaxation, big L wanted entertainment, Center Parcs offered a good mix.
  3. Luxury! It was a close call between a family hotel with full board, or the Center Parc VIP bungalow which we chose. But, despite being self-catering, the bungalow was spacious, clean, modern, warm and had lots of highlights such as our own outdoor sauna and (warm) shower, rain showers inside, three bathrooms, jacuzzi bath, fireplace and home cinema system. We also ate out a couple of times so it wasn’t all self-catering.
  4. Choice. Whether restaurant, playground type, activity or day trips, we felt like we had enough choice.
  5. Nature. The park is set in lovely surroundings and the pine and fir trees smell divine. The cars are parked outside of the grounds, so little ones can whizz about on their bikes to their heart’s content. With the large, glass windows you could really enjoy this setting and it helped with the overall feeling!



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