Lean and Mean 2017 – Using an Online Coach to Reach My Goals

I must admit that I kind of fell in love with using an online coach to reach my health goals by accident! I was part of a group of bloggers trying out a book about reaching your goals and this really got me thinking about what was important to me. (For those of you who read German it was the My Best Year 2017 book). I have now committed myself for a whole year to be a part of a group of people who want to reach their health and fitness goals by being in an online group and receiving personal support through email and monthly meetings. (4you online coaching – again, in German but many options in English out there).

Get out and active! Family goals for 2017

My first online coaching session just happened and to be honest the biggest feeling I had was of feeling embarrassed talking about myself and my weight goals as if it was an important issue! My husband was in the same room and I realized that the whole time I was speaking to my coach in a Zoom interview (like Skype) I was thinking how stupid I must sound telling this „stranger“ my weight, fitness and health goals for 2017. However when we finished he told me how jealous he was that there was someone there for me to help me meet these goals. It made me think.

In 2014 I finished my MA in Education through summer school and distance learning. Of course I had a tutor and we had regular online meetings to discuss my progress and questions. I never felt silly about this, actually I felt quite proud to be doing something so „important“. So why is it so hard for me to take my health seriously? Ok, I am not clinically obese; I have 10 Kilos I would like to lose this year for good. The main risk to my health I think is if the weight continues to stay with me or increase. I am already considered overweight on a BMI scale and I do not want to stay this way.

The online group have introduced themselves and they seem very friendly. Most of them are mums like me who find that their weight crept up after the children and seems quite happy although we are not! The issue of time and also getting out of the house in the evenings is common and a great reason to consider an online coaching course. I have quite a heavy cold and two poorly children today, there is no way I would have gone out to a meeting, but being home and looking slightly presentable in my laptop was manageable.

My first tasks were:

  1. Break down my year goals into smaller, manageable goals and make them into SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-related)
  2. Write my „anchor sentences“ which are sentences to coach your subconscious into thinking positively about yourself and your body. One example would be – I am proud of writing down my anchor sentences every day and using them to achieve my goals. One of mine will be – I am happy to eat fresh food and feel full of energy.

My challenge to you – Take yourselves and your personal goals seriously! Not just work or family goals, but your own personal ones. Find ways to achieve them and feel good about yourself. Get them written down and share them. January does not have to be the month when you make, and then quickly break your resolutions. It can be the start of a great year.

Cheers to that!

Your Alison from Mama Chic

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