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11. Oktober 2016

Quick Christmas Preparation in October

I know, there are apparently two types of people when it comes to Christmas and all that. I actually think that is a lie. I am the kind who knows that it is inevitable but somehow still seems to be behind every single year. So this year my aim is to prepare for Christmas without even really putting any effort into preparing. Will it work? Who knows! So what am I going to do?

Ready for Christmas? No, me either!
Ready for Christmas? No, me either!

Lapland Mailroom
Lapland Mailroom
  1. Sign up here to have a letter sent to the kiddos from Father Christmas.

Thanks to modern technology this is possible! You simply choose which letter you want here (and complete an eye test at the same time) then you personalize it with the name of the child and their present wish and a couple more details, pay for it and then wait! It will be delivered in December directly to them.

2. Set up a Christmas Pinterest board – this always makes me feel like I’m doing something productive. Maybe it will also help some of the ideas stick in my head too. Here is our Mama Chic Christmas Pinterest board.

3. Sort out Secret Santas. I know that this has been a great idea for our ever-growing family and knowing in October who you are buying for gives you time to look around a bit.

4. Make an Amazon Wishlist for the kids. I am rubbish at telling people what the children want and I feel bad saying „whatever, they have lots of everything really“. It is true, but there are also some lovely Christmas gifts which I know they would like and don’t have. Whenever these things come into my head or get showed in my face while we are shopping I put it on the Amazon list.

5. If I’m really stuck when buying for people then I have time now to try and visit them or at least have a chat on the phone. Being a wonderful detective (or not) I might be able to note down a few gift ideas from their chit-chat.

6. Know when to stop! This is enough for October, unless you are trying to give Delia a run for her money.

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