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29. März 2016

Stokke Tripp Trapp™ Kids Chair test and review 🇬🇧

From Newborn to Old!
From Newborn to Old!

I’ve had my Stokke Tripp Trapp® Chair for nearly four years now. I bought if for Big L when she turned two and have used it for Baby C since she was six weeks old. Last week we changed from the Newborn Set to the Babyset, so I have experienced each stage of the chair now and feel it is fair to give a review of our test.

Highlights: Many!

  • The seven year guarantee
  • The lovely quality of the wood
  • The fact that you can use it from birth til death
  • The high re-sell price if you do decide to part with it before it parts with you
  • The adjustability of it
  • It is narrow and fits under the table
  • Baby sits at the table with you from newborn
  • Lots of colors available

Things to consider: Few!

  • It is not cheap, it is an investment.
  • You can spend a lot more if you go wild on accessories
Big Chair, Little Chair, Baby Chair.
Big Chair, Little Chair, Baby Chair.

By saying it is an investment, what I mean is that all in all we have spent €275 for two chairs (one new one used), a Newborn baby set (new) and a Babyset (used). I bought the second chair used for when the baby was born, so that they could both have a chair. As it turned out, Big L wanted the new (used) chair because she liked the color.

Why I Chose It:

Before Big L had her Stokke®, she had a plastic high chair and then a booster seat on a normal chair which we borrowed from a friend. The reason I bought her Stokke® was because we moved house and the dining room was very narrow. We bought the dining set from the previous tenants and the chairs were not suitable for a child to sit on with a booster seat. I thought the Stokke® was expensive, but it had (and has) such great reviews that I decided it would be worth it. I also found the chair in the same color as my dining table so it all matched.

My Favorite Things:

I love the fact that the chair fits nicely under the table. The other high chair I had was so huge and plastic, and we were constantly tripping over it. It is also very elegant being wooden and matches our table. It is great for the environment because we will not get rid of it (like we did the high chair because the tray and the seat lining were cracked), if we do not want it any more we will sell it on. The second hand market is very good for these chairs. I also love the fact that it constantly grows and adapts with the girls. The Newborn set was ideal for the baby and also great when I started weaning her and fed her sitting in this.

Baby C being fed in her Stokke Tripp Trapp®
Baby C being fed in her Stokke Tripp Trapp®


What I Think Could Be Even Better:

Thank goodness Stokke® have increased their range of cushions because four years ago they were not very inspiring! The cushion I have on the blue chair came with it, and this was all there really was a few years ago, but now they are beautiful. (Look here)

Big Girl! Sitting at the table with the family.
Big Girl! Sitting at the table with the family.

The babies sit right at the table, so if you do not have a tray, food can easily fall down, especially when they are feeding themselves using their hands. You can buy a tray for your Tripp Trapp™ chair, or deal with the mess.

Why I Would recommend It:

I think the biggest added-value for the chair is that it grows with the child. My daughter loves her chair and did not want to move onto a „big person chair“ when the baby was born hence the reason why we bought a second chair. The other big plus for me is the fact that your house can still look stylish and neat with this chair and you can chose one to fit your decor. Sounds silly, but I like the fact that the chair matches our grown-up chairs and table.

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