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11. April 2016

Why I Love Mondays 🇬🇧

Moaning on a Monday? Not anymore!

It is everywhere you look, people hating Mondays. Instagram is full of mega-sized coffee cups, Facebook is full of clever, witty jokes about how crap Monday is, and Twitter hashtags are competing to outdo each other as to how terrible Monday is. But any day would look bad next to the weekend, you just can’t win.

Well I have to confess that I actually quite like Mondays. I love the weekends, I can throw my hands up TGIF style every week, but still, I find something very calming in returning to routine. This probably puts me into a small percentile psychopathic group, but I can’t help it, I feel someone has to speak up for this day! So I am writing this piece as my own one-woman crusade to save some face for our First Day of the week.

Why Mondays are special: Basically a good Monday is a lead on from a well-prepared Sunday. If Sunday messes things up, Monday really pays the price. I have fond memories of steam-filled Sunday evenings when my mum ironed our mountain of uniforms for the week while we ate dippy eggs for supper. Monday morning meant that everything was ready to go and the week could begin!

Adventures always have a beginning and what better day to start an adventure than Monday? People are refueled after the weekend, well-fed, well-rested and ready to jump into a new endeavor. This runs out by Wednesday. Wednesday is not the best day to start and adventure, people have work-week fatigue and have to lug themselves over the hump.

Monday is always the chance for a fresh start. Diets, relationships, bank-balances, they all get tested on the weekend when we let our hair down and our wallets run free. We can make promises to ourselves on Sundays that never will we ever again…. and this always comes into effect on Monday. Monday is always full of hope of change that will have worn off by Thursday, but Monday is that fresh page in a new book.

Monday has it’s own sense of stress and chaos. Two days off and we seem to have forgotten that public transport is as reliable as our politicians and their tax returns. Monday commuters always have the sense of surprise at the letdowns that a Friday traveller takes on with a roll of their eyes and an extra espresso. So Monday can be the day when we really tackle these issues, write a petition or simply buy a new book to make it through the week. It is a fresh-eyed look at an old situation and maybe the best day to decide on priorities.

I’m going to admit that my least favorite day is Tuesday. Monday has all this bold and fresh-faced appeal, which Tuesday just doesn’t. It is so far away from the weekend, that it is not even touching it like Monday is. No-one asks you how your weekend was on a Tuesday. All is lost in the weeks own business. Makes Monday look even better now doesn’t it!

So give Mondays a chance. Even if you can’t share my optimism or enthusiasm, use Monday as a reason to treat yourself or to do something unusual, to remind yourself of the weekend and to bring this through the week. Try to enjoy it. You’ll need to, because following Monday is…

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