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12. September 2017

5 Great Alternatives to Kid’s Party Bags

Bored of the sugar overload? Looking to stand out a little from the crowd without breaking the budget or your fingernails? I hear you. Here are some cool things that my kids have been given at Birthday parties instead of kid’s party bags.



Alternative party bag ideas
No need to search forever, simple ideas work well.
  1. The Craft At Home – The kids‘ party gift that keeps on giving. I am pretty happy when the gift is something that the kids can do happily the next day. It keeps the memory of the party alive. Please nothing too difficult where I could potentially glue my fingers together. Alternatively you can do these crafts during the party and then pack them up nicely as presents to take home at the end of the party.
  2. A Creative Sweet Treat – You can give me sugar, but preferably in the form of Art! I thought these sweet pictures were a great idea because they used icing sugar glaze to get the sweets to stick. They didn’t last long, but at least made it home.
  3. A photo album – You can pre-organize these to have pictures in of the birthday child. You can send out pictures after the kid’s party for the children to add into the album. You might want to check with the parents if they are ok with photos of their child being given out.
  4. Cookie cutters / Sandwich cutters – These can be put into a little plastic box with stickers on and the kids will enjoy using them in the future and have a good memory of the day.
  5. A Spa Day At Home – This can be a few things along the lines of bath bombs, soaps, bubble baths – all of the small variety.

These presents also lend themselves nicely to different kinds of parties and can be adapted to meet your chosen theme. I always appreciate the thought rather than the quantity. Any ideas to share?

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