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6. Juli 2016

Buying a Baby Carrier? – 7 Things To Ask First 🇬🇧

There are so many different baby carriers and slings on the market these days we at Mama Chic do not want to recommend just one, but rather give you some things to think about before buying your baby carriers.


  1. Is it easy to adjust? I carry my baby the most in our family, but if you plan to split this with your partner too, then you should think about buying an adjustable carrier so you do not keep having to change all the straps each time you use it. The Austrian company Fräulein Hubsch have adjustable carriers which combine a wrap with a carrier for more flexibility.
  2. Is it suitable to use outdoors? – This will include how to use it in the cold and wet and whether it will protect your baby from the heat and sun. Being close to you makes them sweat more too. Baby Björn have a new carrier specially made for the outdoors. My Manduca also has an extra sun/wind protector which I can roll out at the top of the carrier if needed.
  3. Can I test it out? Ideally the shop will have someone who can shop you exactly how you can use your baby carrier properly and let you try it out.
  4. Is the material safe for babies?Babies chew on the carriers – check it is safe for them and ask how it should be washed. Look for this oeko tex label too.

    oeko tex logo
  5. Can I use it for exercise? If you are hiking or doing aerobic exercise with your baby it is often much more comfortable to have them on your back (after approx. 6 months). Can this carrier do this? Will is keep their head from bobbing up and down too much?

    Nordic Walking with your baby is great fun for them too.
    Nordic Walking with your baby is great fun for them too.
  6. What age and size is it suitable for? To get the most out of your carrier it is great if there is the option to use it from newborn but be able to adjust it for older babies too.
  7. How does it protect me from injuries? Carrying babies even for a short time can strain your neck and back muscles if the carrier is not designed to support better. Carriers which are designed so most of the weight from the baby rests on your hips help with this a lot.

We love our baby carriers and feel like they are a special way to share the world with your baby, but with all the choice out there it is important to get an idea of your needs before you get the hard sale in the shops. We hope this helped.

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