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29. Juli 2016

BWT Magnesium Mineralizer Review 🇬🇧

The Whole Package
The Whole Package – pretty chic!

Although we live in Germany where sparkling water is the Queen of the dinner table, I only drink tap water. It is the British side to me that will never die because I just really can’t manage all those bubbles plus food in my tummy. I took my third grade class a couple of years ago to the main source which supplies our water for the local area and was happy to see that the source came from underground sources from local hills and had great quality. When I was given the chance to test out a water filter I thought „why not?“ I mean I like tap water anyway plus this filter promises to add in magnesium, which my husband was happy about as he often gets cramps after long runs or football games.

IMG_7720 IMG_7721

I’d never hear of BWT – Best Water Technology before and was interested to see how the filter looked. The packaging was great, looks like a present already! And when I opened it and saw the pink, my daughter and I were happy.

Pretty Enough For Tea Time
Pretty Enough For Tea Time


*I love the way you fill the filter up through the lid without having to take the lid off. My parents have a filter from another brand and every time you pour the lid falls off! Not the case here.

*Easy to assemble

*It has an app! The app tells me when the filter is done.IMG_8023


*The automatic symbol on the filter tells you how many times you have used it and flashes when the filter needs changing (so either it needs changing from length of time or amount of usage if you go by the app (time) or filter display (usage) ).

*Thin design, it fits in my fridge.

*It looks pretty 🙂

*It actually stops my kettle from lime scaling up so quickly (my own photos)

IMG_7863 (1)
After Two Weeks Normal Usage With Tap Water
IMG_7893 (1)
Getting Cleaned With Vinegar
IMG_7894 (1)
Nice and Clean!
After Two Weeks Usage With the BWT Filter


Cost :

It costs around €25 initial outlay and then just under €3 per month to keep you in cartridges.

To Consider:

I couldn’t test the amount of magnesium in the water yet, but will if I find a way! My husband definitely wants to keep the filter, he is hooked. For me, my main advantage of having the filter is having the pretty jug to take outside with me while the children are playing so I can always get a refill plus the reduced amount of limescale on our tea and coffee makers. I still wish the cartridges would last longer than four weeks, but that is my only wish right now. It was a fun test and we are happy to have this new addition to the family.


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