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3. Juni 2017

Clever Tykes® Books For Enterprise Education

The lovely Clever Tykes® people were looking for some mums and dads to read and review their books. As a mum and a teacher I thought the idea of these books sounded wonderful so I agreed. 

The three lovely books in the series.

The books arrived and I read them myself first before reading them to my daughter. I thought the books were light hearted and funny but the thing I liked the most is that in all three of the books there are real plans which the children have to successfully reach their dreams.

As part of an international school we include the Learner Profile in our teaching, ten characteristics which we support and encourage in our students. Two of them which sprang to mind while reading these books were „Risk Taker“ and „Principled“. Teaching characteristics can be difficult and resources like the ones Clever Tykes® can help the children see how the children in the books had a (business) plan and the characteristics they needed to get it going. You can talk about how they used their talents and passions, overcame difficulties and realistically found solutions.

The online portal has lesson plans and different ideas for using the books in different subjects.

My seven year old daughter really liked the books and we had good discussions about them. One of the main characters in one of the books wears hearing aids. This was interesting for my daughter because she has two children in her class with hearing aids and it gave her a chance to talk about it and see how it didn’t hold the child in the book back from what he wanted to do.

She was bubbling with ideas for her own business after reading the books and I feel more empowered now as a parent to help talk her through them rather than try and talk her down from her ideas because I am scared she’ll be disappointed. As a parent and a teacher you want to encourage children to follow their dreams and also help equip them with the steps to actually achieve them.

The three books in the series were written by Ben and Jodie Cook. Ben and Jodie wrote the books to offer children the chance to see a real business model. You can read more about the hugely successful writers behind the books on their website here. The books are currently being sponsored by Lloyds Bank so that UK primary schools are able to get free copies! There is also a very user-friendly resources page (here!) which primary schools and parents can sign up to to access. The resources deepen the reach of the books and cover some of the background themes in the book such as healthy living and equal opportunities.

Here are my top five reasons for using these books as schools and parents:

  1. The books are fun and modern and include useful examples of technology.
  2. The books can be used to support enterprise education in primary schools.
  3. The books and resources can be used for FREE! Schools just need to sign up and they can use the books, lesson plans and other resources to provide useful lessons for their children.
  4. The books touch upon lots of other topics but without over-doing it leaving you free to decide which parts you want to include.
  5. The books are well recommended and well stocked in the UK! The government included them in an „Enterprise For All“ report. Lloyds Bank support the free distribution and access to the books and resources. The books are also stocked in Harrods, Selfridges, Amazon and Waterstones.

I really hope you enjoy using these resources as much as I will and feel excited about equipping you people to follow their dreams!

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