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17. Juni 2016

Competition! Owl Be Sweatin® Headbands 🇬🇧

IMG_7539The tagline from Owl Be Sweatin® is „The Headband. Perfected™“. Pretty high standards for a headband, but then it also tells of a familiar tale of many tried and tested headbands which are either too big, too small, slip off your head mid-jog or simply aren’t working with you. With the rise of the fashionista football player, headbands are enjoying the spotlight more and more, but mostly basic, sporty ones and quite frankly we want more! IS there a headband which can be practical enough to be worn successfully during work-outs and then to look good at lunch? (with a wash in-between of course).

We found these headbands in America and were luck enough to be able to test them out. FullSizeRender-4As Julia is pregnant, she tried out the headbands for their day-to-day chic mama ability. Since I had no excuse quickly enough I tested them for their ability to stay on during a run or exercise class.FullSizeRender-3 Julia’s picture speaks for itself, she was happy with how quickly the headband gave a nice addition to a simple „mum-hair-do“ i.e. done in one minute with eyes on the kids.

I tried mine out when running and doing a HIIT DVD at home. They feel almost too special to use for keeping your hair off your sweaty face, but also help detract well from my purple hue post run. It also means that I can run with my hair down for a change, which I quite like.

What „perfects“ these headbands then? Well, they have a velvet layer underneath which makes it less likely to slip off your sleek ponytail.

They have the genius adjusting part of the headband which means it can fit all different head shapes and sizes perfectly. It also means you can adjust it mid-run when you realize you put it too tight and the blood supply has been cut off. Or you can adjust it when you want to quickly put your hair up after you had it down and need it a bit tighter or vice versa.


Owl Be Sweatin is an American company based in Ohio. The headbands are all hand-made and the company is run by a sister-in-law team who wanted to find a headband to look good but work.


Julia and I think that they have probably cracked it. The designs are really nice, there are so many to choose from and they actually work.

Ein Gedanke zu „Competition! Owl Be Sweatin® Headbands 🇬🇧

  1. Wonderful news….as a runner and a busy mum myself this sounds awesome.
    Packet ONE would be my preference….would look great while running or hoovering my home…which is a sweaty experience!!

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