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28. August 2016

Heavenly, Tasty and Organic – Too good to be true? Test and Review 🇬🇧

I went to Brit Mums Live in June as part of my first trip away alone without the family. The buzz was amazing and it was very special to sit in a room full of such talented women, carving away their own little niche in the online world. As I was getting ready to go to Brit Mums Live I looked at the list of sponsors and one stood out for me, Heavenly® organic superfoods – probably because I like food. But also because they claim to be tasty, organic, superfoods, loved by babies, toddlers and older kids as well as promoting healthy eating! If anyone could test these claims, then Mama Chic and our Clan can.

Can they really be this Heavenly?
Can they really be this Heavenly?

When I got to The Brewery for the conference and started looking around at the cool stalls there, I was keeping an eye out for the Heavenly® baby snacks, but couldn’t find them. I waited until lunch time and then went to ask someone at the help desk and sadly I had just missed them! Yep I was disappointed but then I decided to get in touch and tell Heavenly® in a stalkerish kind of way that I had been looking for them. They were sad to have missed me and we got into a nice email chat about baby snacks, traveling with kids and blogging.

In a backwards blogger way I offered to review their snacks (totally selfless I know!) with the Mama Chic Kids. They agreed and soon enough my big box of treats arrived and I set to work getting all our kids here at Mama Chic HQ testing the snacks.


The hardest part was holding them back from grabbing the food before I took photos! We made a nice picknick out of it and then we decided to let the kids give their own reviews because although I also stole the odd snack here and there from the picknick, I think you will mostly want to know if your children would eat them!

I let the children choose their favorite product and briefly say why they liked it.

Baby Choice #1
Baby Choice #1 Pouches of Fruit and Coconut Milk
Baby Pick #2
Baby Pick #2 Kale, Spinach and Apple Wafers

I have to speak for Baby C as she is not that coherent but judging from her grunts and grabs I can tell you she likes the pouches or fruit and coconut milk the best (as witnessed on our instagram account too ;-)) closely followed by the Spinach, Apple and Kale?! wafers – So completely healthy that you think babies would spit it out, but she chomped on them very happily with her two teeth!

The Big Kids liked the pouches too, even though they were initially „surprised“ by the coconut milk. They liked the taste and polished them off quickly.

Next Up Was Little L – She chose the Crispy Vegetable Waffles as her favourite – Made with Sweet Beet and Shallot this was an unusual choice I thought because I know she is more a sweet than a savory girl but she says

„I like the taste, it is a bit sweet and I like the color too“ .

I admit that I tested these too and they were yum, a bit like vegetable crisps but more wafers. Great for a snack box for young and old.

IMG_8314 IMG_8316






Middle L went for two choices and refused to hide her face for her image aware mum! She chose the squishies because

„I like coconut a lot and the fruit makes it sweet, the wafers are a little bit sweet too but not too much and they are crunchy like crisps“.

Great healthy alternative was what my Mummy Brain was thinking.

Happy Halo Bites
Happy Halo Bites
The Winner Is...
The Winner Is…

Big L went for the Happy Halo Bites – he is not a fan of sweet stuff normally but he chose these because


„they are not too sweet and they are fun to eat“

he also compared them to a well known brand of cereal and said they could be a breakfast treat too. Baby C loved them too, although she gets a bit frustrated when they stick to her fingers. She had some packed in her nursery snack too.


All in all a lot of fun was had and the only item which was sniffed at were the breadsticks with rosemary because „they tasted too strongly of rosemary“. I was then forced to eat most of those then, hard life! They are yummy, yes the rosemary taste is strong and yes, you probably need a nice dip for them but they are good. For picky kids these treats were a success and as a mum I can see them being a great snack when packing lunch boxes and also when traveling.

What I Liked:

The bigger pouches from the breadsticks, wafers and Happy Bites are resealable which is very useful and each one of the squishies and wafers are individually packed so the children can see what it is in their lunch boxes, not just silver foil – clever!

They do what they say on the tin! If they say fruit and coconut milk, then they have fruit and coconut milk etc. Great for children with food allergies. All in all the snacks are great and for you UK readers you will be happy to know they are available in many UK supermarkets. Now we just need them to come over to Germany! Thank you for reading. Mama Chic.

Heavenly taste available nearby
Heavenly taste available near you


We were sent these products to test and review free of charge but are not paid to promote them, just asked to give an honest opinion. 

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