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11. Juni 2016

Hello Fresh – Worth a Try? Test and Review 🇬🇧

We have a guest author today, Chris will be telling us about his experience with Hello Fresh.


How I got hooked – It started with that ominous knock on the door, a presentable young man with a clipboard and with a mission to accomplish! He’d called before but he’d been well trained, he wouldn’t settle for just anyone to convert, he needed someone susceptible and someone who was hungry to step into the bright new future he was offering – and for a change he wasn’t a Jehovah Witness.

From the moment he asked that first question, “can I speak to the chef of the house?” (I had to double check, chief? no definitely Chef.) he held my intrigue. I worked myself through the questions on his clipboard, knowing full well they had been designed to overcome any objections I may have. I realised quickly what was happening, I, a sales person was being “sold” to. I recognised the approach but couldn’t help but continue. I admired him for his talent and his professional approach (so different from the usual door sellers) and kicked myself for allowing me to fall into the trap he was laying. He had me snared!

By the time he got to “would you like to try it” stage, I had already walked into the inevitable “yes”, either that or I had lied when answering the questions beforehand: Do I hate food waste? Do I like variety? How could I not want to “try” when they had solved all my culinary woes!

So here I am 8 weeks later. Well on my way to “master chef” status and still a subscriber.


If you’ve not heard of Hello Fresh, then either you’ve been unlucky enough to escape the knock on the door, or you’ve abandoned social media and not come across their viral marketing campaigns. So let me enlighten you a little.

In a nutshell – they make it easy to prepare and cook, healthy, wholesome meals without the effort of trawling through the cookery magazines and endless isles of supermarket shelves, only not to find that one important ingredient you required.

Every week they deliver a box of groceries, perfectly pre-measured to the exact requirements of the enclosed recipe cards, all you have to do is unpack it from the climate controlled box ready to assemble as required…. Voila!


Now you might think before this revelation I was a beans on toast kind a guy, sausage and mash and Friday night takeaways. But far from it, most nights we sit down as a family to freshly cooked food. So why change?

Why go Hello Fresh? Well having two young children I had fallen into the routine of cooking that standard repertoire of weekly recipes, you know, the ones you know they will eat! The rack full of cook books had long since been gathering dust as I stuck to the dishes I knew would result in clean plates – Including from the wife!

For us it was about going on an adventure, something the kids could take part in, they could help choose from the selection of recipes which ones we would have delivered. The result? A more varied pallet of food, both children and wife willing to at least try new things that before would never have even made the dinner table. At times its resulted in pure comedy, my six-year old daughter declaring she didn’t like the perfectly good plate of sea bass, only to ask two days later if we could have it again!

Do I think it’s been a worthwhile adventure? Absolutely. Is it worth the cost? Debatable. Whilst I’ve not gone to the effort of calculating the ingredient costs at our local supermarket, a four meal family box for four people costs 64 pounds, or 4 pounds per person per meal. I can confirm that the food is both locally sourced and often organic resulting in no food waste. As for portion sizes they are more than healthy, often resulting in leftovers being taken for lunch the next day.

Worth a try even if you can cook?
Worth a try even if you can cook.

Will I still be a subscriber in months to come? Most likely, although I’ve already switched the weekly deliveries off and pick and choose which weeks we have the boxes delivered based on the choice of recipes and our weekly commitments which may see us away from home.

So have I converted you to give it a try? I hope so 😊


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  1. My sister who lives in London started to get Hello Fresh boxes last year and I thought it was a brilliant idea but living in Weimar, Germany, I didn’t think I would get them. How wrong I was, yes… Hello Fresh also exists in Germany and in Weimar!!! I loved it at first and tried all the different boxes but to be honest I got tired of it after a few months as the recipes were kind of always the same. At the end I was doing my own recipes with the food from the box! Having said that, it is definitely worth a try if you are tired of having to think too much of what to cook and to shop!

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