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17. Oktober 2016

How To Survive A Parent Blogger Event

What is it? I’d love to write that I smashed this like a mum BOSS, but actually if it had not been for the support of a bestie and some ibuprofen, I would have crumbled within an hour. First things first, what on earth is a parent blogger cafe?


I had no idea either. I read about it via a blogger friend on Facebook. Firstly I had to „validate“ my blog with style ranking here in Germany and got an acceptance a week before it was happening, thankful it was in Berlin, so not too far and also a wonderful place to have an excuse to visit.

Second was the question of „Oh my goodness, what does one wear“ (thoughts may sound a little different in my head). The real question here was also „What will my Mum-Bod fit into and look easy enough on the eye so as not to offend people on a Sunday (yes Sunday!) afternoon? Easy, black! With some grey, and some short shorts (being a risk-

Please note that this was taken at the end of the day and only shared so you get the idea not as actual inspiration ;-)
Please note that this was taken at the end of the day and only shared so you get the idea not as actual inspiration 😉

taker) and some actual high shoes which needed layers of dust removing before wearing. I wanted a fun/smart/casual/still a women really vibe. Kelly said it worked. Kelly is a good friend. Kelly looks great. I trust her.

Getting there – The „event location“ was in the heart of Berlin’s expensive shopping district, Kurfurstendamm. It is one designer, never to be entered by me shop after another. I had the address and we stayed the night before in a hotel to make sure we were fresh for the event – but that is a whole other mums-on-the-loose-in-Berlin story! Some people got stuck on rail-replacement-busses (one of the seven circles of hell) and were running late. There was no deadline for being there and people flowed in and out all the time, but obviously you would miss some of the talks.

Nitty Gritty – The event went from 12:00 – 16:00 and was very child friendly. It was in a very spacious Berlin apartment which is specifically used for such events. There are various brands there (8 today) to show off their wares and build relationships with us Bloggers, there are lovely refreshments to keep you going, there were really really great crafts and games for kids (including this er „fun“ Dino who hugged me?!). There were fantastic talks from a great range of people and there were freebies and goody bags to justify mummy toddling off on her own for the minions back home.

The "friendly" Dino.
The „friendly“ Dino.
Good Bag for big and small

What Do You Gain – People. It sounds predictable I know, but seriously, I look around at these events (like Britmumslive in June) and am so impressed with all the talent these men and women have! They are creative, efficient and entertaining whilst juggling a plate of food and a few of their offspring. It is a great community to be a part of and appreciate. Another highlight for me was meeting a lovely, experienced fashion/mummy blogger Janina from ‚oh wunderbar‚ who gave a presentation about instagram. She was so lovely, down to earth and friendly and kept it all real. I also met some other Bloggers „live“ who I had only chatted with before on Social Media. But I didn’t get to meet many because I was interested in the talks and also in getting rid of a banging headache. It does feel a bit like speed dating by the end! I’d recommend you post people a picture of your outfit/hairdo for the day as one clever lady did so we all knew who she was right away.

Pampers brought cupcakes! And lots of information about how they are supporting Germany in becoming a child-friendly country.
Pampers brought cupcakes! And lots of information about how they are supporting Germany in becoming a child-friendly country.

Brands – TBH the brands were a pick and mix of good-bad-and bizarre. One lady brought hundreds of samples only to practically refuse to let you touch them or take them out of the packet to see it for real (ok, move along!). I had really great talks with a brand which I liked and told them my honest impression of some of their items, politely of course, and they were happy to hear from a customer. Sometimes the brands gave me the impression that they felt a bit lost and unsure of why they/we were there. Tricky one really, because some products just aren’t what we would use or review so it was more of a nice chat than anything else. We made what I would class as proper links with two brands with whom we will be in touch with in the future to look at if and how we could work together.

What we did well – Getting there a day before was awesome. Bringing lots of clothes to try out on the day was also good. Having business cards with me was ace. Thinking beforehand about what you might want to gain was important. Chatting with people online beforehand was fun. Going as a twosome was useful so we could decompress in the car on the way home. Going up to PR people and brand reps was a must, some are shy and some are new to the whole branch, we were proactive. Being there with someone who can do your hair!

What would I do differently next time – Take my own alcohol! Just kidding (kind of). I’m seriously considering getting a long-sleeved T-Shirt printed with our blog logo on the front and back to make myself recognizable and advertising our blog a little. Take pain killers. Maybe go alone so I would be forced to talk to more people, but maybe not because it was so great to travel and experience this all with a good friend. Take more pictures!


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