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6. April 2016

Mama Baby Yoga test and review 🇬🇧

Yoga for mummies and babies. What I wore.
Yoga for mummies and babies. What I wore.

Today was the last day of our Mama Baby Yoga course and I was actually quite sad for it to be ending. It has been such a relaxing course to do in our busy daily schedule, but now Baby L is mobile, it is too hard to really relax and concentrate on the movements, so I think I’ll do a course on my own in the near future.

I started with yoga while I was pregnant. The lady who runs the course has her studio in her house not far from where I live. I instantly fell in love with the natural wooden floors and ceiling and the wonderful smells which come in from her garden outside. The floor-to-ceiling windows let in lots of natural light and really made you feel comfortable, even when I felt more like a whale than a human.

The course I started on was not specifically for pregnant ladies, but the teacher made sure that each one of us knew what we were to do for each move as everyone had their individual needs or problem zones. I was glad that I wasn’t the only one who needed some special attention.

I love being busy and I seem to have a million thoughts in my head at once, so doing yoga was the first time in my pregnancy that I actually consciously relaxed. I remember after my first session floating home on a cloud of serenity. The baby seemed to love it too, during the relaxation session at the end of the lesson she went wild, kicking and stretching and enjoying all the deeply inhaled oxygen!

After my baby was born, I knew that I wanted to continue with yoga to help me rebuild my stretched body. The Mama Baby Yoga course started when Baby L was five months old and has finished now she is eight months old. I wanted to make sure my body was ready and could really feel the benefits of the yoga once the numbness post-birth had passed. In hindsight, I wish I had started sooner and could carry on further because the babies are all too mobile now. My body would have easily been able to handle this from three months on.

The title „Mama Baby Course“ should not mislead you into thinking your baby is joining in, in our course the focus was clearly on the mothers and rebuilding their inner cores and pelvic floors. The babies loved being there, they played happily on their blankets for the most part and also seemed to like the relaxing surroundings. But if you wanted a course that really does incorporate the baby too, you would have to ask your local teacher in advance.

A huge benefit I have seen from doing this course is my stomach. Still my main „area to improve“ it has definitely tightened up again and pulled back in since doing the core exercises on the yoga course. I was surprised at this since normal I am a blood-sweat-and-tears kind of girl, but yoga is a workout that works your inner muscles in a gentle but effective way. It has also been a great chance to relax and breathe although this is getting more challenging since the baby has become mobile!

I will miss my course with my little Baby, but I am also looking forward to some Mummy Time of my own.

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