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1. Oktober 2016

Me Time in October – Can You Take Time for Yourself?

Really mum? Trying to do a workout only our own? Forget it!
Really mum? Trying to do a workout on your own? Forget it!

A few months ago I entered a competition where you had to write down your favorite „Me Time“ rituals to win some bath products. I just sat staring at the computer trying to think of something more inspiring than maybe my morning shower which, if I’m being honest, is not always alone. Sometimes a one-year-old accompanies me into the bathroom and spends her time loading things into the washing machine, or the six-year-old comes and hangs out while I shower and brushes her teeth. Or my husband waits impatiently for me to finish by already holding out a towel for me while the shampoo is still being washed out. Me time. What a crazy illusion this is for most people with small children. But we are constantly told that it is something all mums should aspire to. Even this stresses me out sometimes! Pressure to relax, how absurd.

Deep Breaths!

Can I Be Alone? Thinking about it now for a few months though, I do actually quite enjoy being on my own now for the first time as an adult. As a child and even before we had the children being alone made me restless. I like to talk, need to talk and you need someone to talk to. However now I am constantly surrounded by talking partners at school and at home I like the rare moments of quiet and being alone. Even nipping to the bathroom for a pee is often invaded at school or home by some little body that „just has a little question“.


We All Need To Be Alone Sometimes – This week I read a report on the BBC website called the „Rest Test“. It interviewed 18,000 people from 134 different countries about how they rested. You can read the article here. To sum it up for you basically they found that people rest in different ways; some like to read, some like to exercise and so on. The top three ways to relax; reading, being in nature and spending time alone, are not very sociable activity. So the question the BBC posed is if actually we need a rest from people. I’ve got to admit that the more I think about it, the more I agree. Sometimes when I want to rest, I really just want to be alone.


Challenging Myself – Could you?So I have decided to challenge myself for the whole of October to be alone for 30 minutes a day and do something restful for myself. I have ruled out doing housework of course but I will allow the dog to accompany me, mainly because I feel better when I walk with him and also because he cannot talk. Hooray! I’ll find time when the kiddos are in bed or maybe even a lunch break.

So what will I do?

  • I have found the Yoga Camp 30 day challenge on Youtube, I’ll be doing some of that.
  • Maybe my sorry looking nails or eyebrows might get some love.
  • Actually read a book, since I read a lot at work I’m often too lazy to read in the evenings but any recommendations are welcome!
  • Have a long, hot bath.
  • Make something crafty (I’ll keep you posted if anything good comes along)
  • Listen to music and drink some tasty Yogi tea or a cheeky hot chocolate.
  • Take our pug on a nice, long walk.

Join Me!

So my plan is to stop complaining about how tired and stressed I am with working and mumming and actually spend 30 quality minutes alone every single day in October. I’ll be posting often on Instagram @mama_chic_de using the #30minmumtime hashtag. I’d love some support and fellow mums and dads joining in.

Love Mama Chic


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    1. Thanks Alice, although I think 30 minutes are not too much! I am really loving it and getting pretty protective of „my“ time. Doing nothing in particular is something I struggle with, I’m a doer and couldn’t sit still for 30 minutes 😉 Can you? I’ve enjoyed the Yoga Camp by the way.

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