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29. Oktober 2017 Stay organized

Monthly Planner – November

St. Martin’s Day. The start of Carnival and getting ready for Christmas Markets!… How to manage it all? Try and visualize it – This planner will hopefully help. Click below for a PDF to keep you organized. 

Staying‘ Alive (and organized) in November

When we started the blog, we really wanted to help out new parents and experienced parents who are busy with their lives! We wanted to share our own experiences, thoughts and motivation with all of you guys. One thing I always struggle with is being organized beyond the next few days! Because of this I have been looking for a way to put all of the things for the next months into a visual planner. This is the first one and I would love your feedback. I’m sure there are lots of points of improvement. For now though, I hope it helps you get through November! Please leave us a comment at the bottom :-).

Weekly Planner November PDF Here!

Stay organized
November Planner

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