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12. März 2016

Nuk Fresh Food Set Test

When baby C was born, we got this lovely set as a present. I put it away because it seemed like it would be forever before we would use it. When the time came and I got it out, I was so pleased!

Easy to be organized.
Easy to be organized.

The set looks lovely but is also really useful. The little pots are great for storing the other half of the jar of food which little babies can’t manage, plus they have a measuring scale on the side to see how much is in there. The freezer tray is a great size for freezing food you cook yourself.

I haven’t made the ice-lollies yet, she’s too young, but we are all looking forward to it! The spoons are a little big for the first few months of feeding, but we’ll grow into them and they are nice and long to get everything out of the jar.

The masher mashes the food pretty well, again it is easier for older children because it gives bigger bites, but with things like stewed apple it works great. It was a great present and will be used for a long while yet.

Price-wise it is about €35 (about the same in pounds) bei amazon. Worth it since buying it all separate adds up too.

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