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21. März 2016

Test Nuby „The Nibbler™“ 🇬🇧

The Nibbler™ from Nuby™
The Nibbler™ from Nuby™

Apart from the pretty awesome name, I was hoping to help Baby C with her current teething trouble by buying The Nibbler™. I did a first-aid course at Lilly’s Kindergarten when she was three and the two main culprits of choking were carrot sticks and apple pieces. Sad, because these are great things to chew on when you are teething along with ANYTHING else you can get your hands on it seems. So the The Nibbler™ does seem to make a lot of sense.

Easy to use, practical lid.
Easy to use, practical lid.


As you can see, a pretty straightforward idea, putting the slices into the net so they can be chewed and not swallowed. I had one for Lilly already, this one now also came with a travel cap to keep it clean in your nappy bag.

Baby C seems to be enjoying it so far and it is useful for introducing her to different tastes of fruit and veg too. It obviously works best with hard pieces of fruit and veg. Banana would just mush through. But as a safe way to do some weaning it is really nice. I have tried apple, carrot, pepper and pear. The pear was a bit too soft so she just had fun breaking it up into little pieces! The others she seemed to take a liking too and especially the pepper was also cooling on her little gums.

The net discolors pretty quickly, even if you wash it as instructed „with warm water and mild soap. Top rack dishwasher safe“ ( You can buy replacement nets if this bothers you too much.


All in all I think for the price, it is a nice bit of baby-kit to have. I paid €8 in Müller in Germany. You can of course get it on amazon uk for four pounds fifty.

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