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19. Juni 2017

„The Beta Mum“ – Book Review

Best summer read? Best warning for Mummy Bloggers? Best insight into Alpha Mum behavior in London? Yes to all. If you read, follow or write for Mum Blogs then you need to get your hands on „The Beta Mum, Adventures in Alpha Land“ 

Just another Mummy Blog? Not this one!

What’s The Storyline?

The book is based around a Canadian Mom who moves to London with her husband because he gets offered a good job there. They uproot their three year old daughter and trade an idyllic lifestyle in Canada for a hectic and competitive one amongst Alpha Animals in London’s most exclusive nursery, Cherry Blossom. Sophie is the main character and she is definitely not cut out for this kind of competitive and perfectionist atmosphere amongst the richest families in town. Left feeling alone and like a failure, she starts an anonymous blog as an outlet for her emotions. Soon, however, the blog takes on a life of its own and threatens Sophie’s family in ways she hadn’t really thought of.

What Makes It So Readable?

The reason I enjoyed the book so much was because of the mix of feelings it brought out in me. I felt like a friend to the main character Sophie, cringing with her every time she is brushed aside or slighted by the elbows-out attitude of the Alpha mums she meets at the gate. You also feel her nervousness every time she is nearly outed as the anonymous writer of her brutally honest blog about these Alpha Mums (think Gossip Girl grown up). I also felt a bit corrected as Sophie is confronted with her own bias and assumptions near the end of the book (no spoiler here I hope!). This made me think a bit about my own role as a blogger and some of the opinions I might be projecting.

The book is fiction but you can easily imagine it being a reality. Conversations and situations are fantastically written and give the story that special touch of almost being privy to insights into how the rich and famous live and raise their children. A great read when you have those minutes alone on a warm evening sipping on something tasty and melting off into a world of über Yummy Mummies.  „The Beta Mum, Adventures in Alpha Land“ is released today! June 20th, 2017. Definitely worth the space in your hand luggage or handbag.


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