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24. August 2016

Travel Kids Club – Test and Review 🇬🇧

(Please note we were sent the travel kids package to review free of charge but were not in any way paid to write this post.)

I’m a teacher, so anyone who gets in touch with a new idea or product to test which is great fun but also educational, it’s interesting for me! The Travel Kids Club was a new idea to me, I am not very up on the whole monthly box subscription movement and so I was interested to try one out which not only claims to be fun for children, but also has a charitable aspect for that extra feel-good factor.

This month we learnt about Cambodia.

What is it? Travel Kids Club is a very new monthly subscription package for children aged 6-11. It arrives as an A4 package, already nicely presented and each month there is a country focus. It is addressed to the child so they have the excitement of getting post! Lilly couldn’t wait to open it, I had to slow her down so I could get some pics. Each package has a lot of information about the focus country, this package also had some lovely craft activities, stickers, a crossword, word search and coloring pages which can be entered in a coloring competition each month and win cool prizes. The best part for me is that each month you can vote where your €1 of the €15 subscription money goes. There is a choice between two projects aimed at improving life for humans and animals on the planet. A great conversation starter with your child about how our actions can directly help others. You go to the website and vote together with your child.

First Travel Kids Package! Beautifully designed.
First Travel Kids Package! Beautifully designed.

Who Runs It? The lovely Serena was in touch with me, one half of the founding couple of Travel Kids Club, the other half being Johnny. They have both travelled to many far-off places on our planet filming documentaries about the people who live there. They felt challenged by meeting these people to do something to make a difference in the lives of some of the people they met.

What’s The Idea – The idea is to educate our children in the geography and culture of different countries as well as then introducing them to the idea of help in action by allowing them to vote each month where their 1 Euro donation should go.


How Was It For Us? – Lilly loved getting the package, it looked nicely presented. I was a bit disappointed because I was expecting a box! I was surprised about how much fitted into the package and enjoyed looking through it all. It is really colorful and beautifully laid out. The writing is pretty small so the children wouldn’t be able to read it independently for a while, but it was interesting for me to read through it too. She loved the crafts and could do them alone. Lilly enjoyed the word searches but the crossword was too hard for her for now. She liked the facts and it was great that it was all about a country we have friends in. I wish we would have had a map to get us started but I believe that posters and more are planned for the future.

Would I buy it? I am hoping to get a subscription running at school because I think it is a wonderful way to support learning and my school children are aged 8-9. They will still appreciate the crafts and get a lot out of the activities. It is an ideal resource as it encourages action in real-life settings. When Lilly is older I will order it for home too, especially since her little sister can get her own subscription for only €5 more per month, bargain! Find out more here Travel Kids Club.

We’d love to hear your feedback. Have you tried this? Your Mama Chic


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