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29. März 2016

We’re going through changes…🇬🇧

The ladies, the changes and the problem with the plant!

Spring is in the air and it seems that for our family it is going to mean some changes! The changes were brought in by the girls. Baby C led the way first by waking up last week and deciding she was going to be mobile. She had been able to move around her axis for a few weeks and on Monday she seemed to take a deep breath and lunge forward. She isn’t crawling in the classical sense, but she is able to make strange caterpillar/army crawl moves all around the house now. Our first reaction „Our baby is mobile! 😀“ second reaction „our baby is mobile 😱“ (seriously, how did we live before emojis?).

The joy and the horror. So here is a list of things that we did in reaction to her mobility:

  1. Put all the lego from Big L upstairs
  2. Put a bracket on the wall and put the tv onto the bracket on the wall
  3. Put plug safety thingies in every-single-plug at ground level
  4. Changed the TV furniture around so that the sky box was not quite as easy to get at
  5. Put the plant on the table (this is a constant battle because my husband hates it on the table but Charlotte tries to eat it if it is on the floor so it is up/down/up/down depending on whether she is asleep or awake #whybother)
  6. Changed things around in the cupboards so the things she can reach are things she is allowed to have
  7. Film her movement many times and marvel at it
  8. Hide the dog toys behind the sofa so she does not find them and chew on them
  9. Obsessively hoover and mop the floor
  10. Sort through her clothes to find ones that will keep her really warm while she scoots over our tiled floor (we do have underfloor heating, but it is not always on)

The strange thing is that this change seemed to be a catalyst for a whole host of other changes! Big L got another wobbly tooth and started sleeping all night in her bed, Baby C now refuses to lie in her pram and is emotionally blackmailing us to change it into the proper seat, Baby C also refused to go back into her Stokke Newborn Set on her high chair and made it clear she wanted to be in her Stokke BabySet seat now.

The ladies are really excited and ready for this changes it seems, but it is so much harder for me! Even my husband got on with the DIY without complaining and as a result the whole house got a once-over with odd jobs getting done that have been waiting for years… No, it is mainly just me that is lamenting over these changes and recognizing that I am not ready for two reasons: 1. I am scared of missing them grow up as it goes so fast 2. Are they really ready for these changes? And a part of this fear is wondering what other mums will think if I put her into her highchair too soon, or change the pram into the buggy that Baby C longs for. I’m being honest here, what if I am judged? I even checked the Bugaboo website to see when they recommend changing to the seat and they say anything from six months! So I really am being cautious since Baby C is eight months tomorrow. I suppose it is this lasting myth of „being a good(enough) mum“. Will I ever make it? Will I ever be able to just not care?

To be honest, the best therapy is probably starting with myself. Stop worrying about what other people think and start getting ready for the changes! I know how hard it is – I decided becoming a mother is like running a marathon when you have never had legs before. You have seen the idea on other people and in films etc. but you can never really know how it feels until it is right on top of you. If you want some kick-ass girl power and also women supporting women, then visit Constance Hall on Facebook. There is some swearing ladies, but I think we are able to cope with that. Her support for mothers and all women is really refreshing and is a part of what helps me get through these changes and focus on my children and not on outside opinions. Good luck to us all!

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