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26. Juli 2016

What We Put In Our Nursery Bag 🇬🇧


Some nurseries are strict about the things the children can and can’t take. We are only allowed to send cuddly toys, books and CDs in terms of toys as they say anything else can cause arguments. It also stops things being lost/left in nursery and missed in the evening. Oh, and make sure everything is labelled with permanent marker so that you have a chance of getting it back if it is lost.

  1. The bag itself was a present so I cannot give it any credit I am afraid. It is just the right size, has adjustable straps (as obviously she grew!), the black pouch on the front is detachable and it is good, thick, canvas material – good since it will no doubt be thrown or kicked around on the floor at some point! It also does not absorb any leaked stuff – again something that somehow happens.
  2. Snack box – This is probably my least favorite thing because it does not have compartments and we need compartments. I sometimes use three or four little plastic boxes for snacks so they don’t get bashed around and mixed together. I need to invest in some new ones, ideas?
  3. Tangle Teaser® brush! Big fan of this, we have two, one for nursery and one for here. It works best if your child’s hair is not too thick, otherwise it does not easily get to the bottom layer of thick, tangly hair (like mine). Hard to label in this dark color but has been scratched in by me!
  4. Weleda wind and weather protector cream. I love Weleda and love this cream. Stops windburn and protects in the very cold months. I again have this at home and nursery, although I only had it in nursery from when she was 4 and could apply it herself. One coating at home is normally enough for little ones.
  5. Hipp Sun Spray. It is really good for sensitive skin and Hipp have taken care to leave out as many nasty ingredients as possible which we love. I have my daughter spray it into her hands and then apply to avoid spraying all the people around her. Being a spray also means they aren’t squeezing out big dollops of cream which is then too much for their little bods.
  6. Cuddly Toy! A crazy looking thing, but she likes it and chose it. This stays at nursery along with the next item for sleep time:
  7. Nightie. Summertime means we have a nightie there and PJs in winter. Changed weekly obviously, we have to remember to pack it in every Monday.

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